The mission of Ohio Valley Greenmarket is to celebrate the sustainable efforts underway in our regional community – to demonstrate the benefits of embracing local food and commerce, healthy choices, and sustainable lifestyle practices for the advancement of the community.

Ohio Valley Greenmarket is an annual grassroots celebration of sustainability efforts taking shape around Greater Cincinnati. Produced by Edible Ohio Valley and The Greater Cincinnati Master Gardener Association with support from their partners, attendees meet national and regional speakers, local business leaders, participate in hands-on demonstrations in a fun-filled and positive environment. Guests leave energized with resources and knowledge to incorporate into daily life.

Gorman Heritage Farm
Community Dinner – Dinner by the bite at Peterloon
Special Guest: Daniel Klein, co-founder of Perennial Plate and host of Edible Feast
Speakers & Exhibits
Rick Darke, author of The Living Landscape
The Lexicon of Sustainability, short films & pop-up show

Ault Park
Community Dinner – Dinner by the bite at Peterloon
Special Guest: Roger Swain, former host of The Victory Garden

GreenMarket'13 96







Glenwood Gardens
Community Dinner – Pig Roast in Winton Woods
Special Guest: Paul Willis, co-founder of Niman Ranch

Ohio Valley Greenmarket Pig Roast

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