Speaker: Roger Swain

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As Roger Swain will be our special guest this summer when we celebrate our second annual Ohio Valley Greenmarket, I thought it best to get ready by immersing myself in some of his earlier writings. You may know him as the host of the Victory Garden on Public Television, or “the guy with the Red Suspenders,” but do you know him as a naturalist and a teacher?

It’s obvious from his articles and stories of more than 40 years ago he’s led a charmed life.  He recounts exploring the woods and fields that surrounded him as youngster, and highlights the big and the small natural moments.  These are the things that folk today tend not to notice as the blaze through life at Mach 5.

His way of seeing the natural world with its rhythms intact, unhurried by our human influence, is hard to find these days.

Many of his stories, written as articles published originally in Horticulture Magazine or the New York Times Magazine, were collected and published into a series of books. The stories are truly timeless, if you will just slow down to enjoy them.

Roger Swain draws your attention to the everyday wonders you overlook. From describing the magic of lactic acid and brine moving and changing the specific bacteria to make sauerkraut so delicious to how the maligned mulberry tree has provided for both the silk and pork industry.  As he said in his story Mulberry Visions “there will always be some people who can’t be persuaded to eat mulberries. I’ll have to entertain them by pointing out that the mulberry tree is an ingredient of both silk purses and sows’ ears …”

Plan to join us Saturday August 4, 2013 for an evening of wonders and stories as I lead the conversation with Roger Swain at the Greenmarket Community Dinner held at the gorgeous Peterloon Estate in Indian Hill or on Sunday, August 5 at the Greenmarket held at Ault Park.

Carol Mundy is a Naturalist in Southwest Ohio. She will be interviewing Roger on-air on WMKV 89.3 Friday July 26 at 1pm and at the Community Dinner on August 4, 2013. If you have a special question for Roger please send them to her at askcrow@yahoo.com.

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